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Nikita Miller (The Knot, Dooly): A Company’s First Product Team

This is a podcast episode titled, Nikita Miller (The Knot, Dooly): A Company’s First Product Team. The summary for this episode is: <p>Founders typically own product in the early days. It’s only fitting, as the product is the manifestation of your entrepreneurial vision. But soon enough you need to hire a product team. Nikita says that happens sooner than you think. Listen in for her ultimate guide on how to build your company’s first product team.</p>
Where to start when you're building out the product side of your org
02:13 MIN
Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of your first product manager
01:58 MIN
Here's what to think about when making your first product hire
03:57 MIN
Building your product narrative
01:38 MIN
How to recruit product leaders
01:41 MIN
Your first 100 days as a product manager
02:10 MIN
What does success look like for a starting product team
02:20 MIN