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Lauren Schuman (Mailchimp & MURAL): Growth Needs Marketing

This is a podcast episode titled, Lauren Schuman (Mailchimp & MURAL): Growth Needs Marketing. The summary for this episode is: <p>Lauren was tasked with building out Mailchimp’s first growth team. Growth is inherently cross-functional, so you need to get things done through other teams. And other teams don’t always share your priorities. Lauren soon realized that growth is a game of influence, but she had a secret weapon: her background as a marketer. </p>
How Mailchimp grew
01:54 MIN
How a background in marketing helps product and growth leaders
02:21 MIN
Building an internal marketing plan
01:57 MIN
Creative internal marketing tactics you can learn from
01:15 MIN
What does success look like for a growth team
01:20 MIN
The North Star metric for growth KPIs
02:04 MIN
Unpacking product changes
02:02 MIN
The ultimate impact on activation
01:50 MIN
Growth as a cross-functional role
01:17 MIN
From Mailchimp to Mural
00:43 MIN
How marketers and product people can work together
01:14 MIN