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Hila Qu (GitLab): B2B vs. B2C Growth

This is a podcast episode titled, Hila Qu (GitLab): B2B vs. B2C Growth. The summary for this episode is: <p>Hila is a uniquely talented growth leader. Specifically, she has led growth functions in both B2C and B2B contexts. There are many similarities, but also many differences. And one thing is clear today: B2B is taking its cues from B2C best practices as the PLG movement takes over the SaaS world. </p>
Defining B2B versus B2C growth
02:01 MIN
Blake's biggest thing for B2B growth
00:09 MIN
Acquisition in B2B and B2C
01:43 MIN
Activation in B2B and B2C
03:17 MIN
What it means to always be activating
00:31 MIN
Conversion in B2B and B2C
01:11 MIN
Hila's take on conversion, monetization, and pricing
01:16 MIN
Retention in B2B and B2C
02:34 MIN
More data, more fun, and don't lose the human touch
03:11 MIN