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Todd Olson (Pendo): Navigating Common Pitfalls in Cross-Functional Teams

This is a podcast episode titled, Todd Olson (Pendo): Navigating Common Pitfalls in Cross-Functional Teams. The summary for this episode is: Todd Olson is the CEO of Pendo, the leading software platform for product teams. Todd recently wrote a book called, “The Product-Led Organization,” and we unpack its key themes in this episode. Learn about the importance of cross-functional teams, but also how to work through key challenges that arise when more folks are involved in decisions. Plus, you’ll hear about the power of “addition through subtraction” when it comes to product management. All that (and more) on this episode of BUILD.
Why becoming product-led is paramount for any business today, not just software businesses
00:39 MIN
What it means to be truly product-led and how to automate retention
02:56 MIN
Addition through subtraction - the key to product-led project management
02:52 MIN
Todd's tips for creating cross-functional teams that work well
01:52 MIN
How to embrace cross-functional teams without endlessly chasing consensus
01:25 MIN