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AJ (Carrd): The Accidental Founder

This is a podcast episode titled, AJ (Carrd): The Accidental Founder. The summary for this episode is: AJ never meant to start a company. He was building websites as a freelancer, but was frustrated with the popular website platforms. They were far too complex, so AJ built Carrd as the easiest way to make one-page websites. It launched on Product Hunt and took off faster than AJ had ever expected. Now with 800k users, it’s much more than a side project. And AJ has become much more than a freelancer. He’s a founder, even if it happened by accident. Tune in to hear AJ’s advice on what to do when your side project takes off with users and takes on a life of its own.
What Carrd is all about
01:21 MIN
How AJ learned about interface design
00:41 MIN
Carrd's users and use cases
02:42 MIN
How constraints unlocked more creativity
01:27 MIN
Starting with a blank canvas can be overwhelming
02:16 MIN
Why product testing is a must
01:18 MIN
Trusting the Carrd community
01:36 MIN
Carrd's unintentional growth
03:10 MIN
The accidental founder's journey
01:36 MIN
How to tell when to prioritize your side project
04:45 MIN