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2020: A Wild Year for SaaS Metrics

This is a podcast episode titled, 2020: A Wild Year for SaaS Metrics. The summary for this episode is: 2020 was a big year for SaaS. From IPOs to record-breaking quarters to huge M&A deals, there was no shortage of activity. But how did the average SaaS company fare in 2020? Was the breakneck growth experienced by Zoom, Shopify, and Snowflake common to the rest of the industry? Or did COVID have a bigger impact on software than the standard press headline would suggest? OpenView surveyed 1,200 software companies for our annual SaaS Benchmarks study. This year’s survey revealed the impact of COVID-19 on software companies, and some of the results may surprise you. In this episode of BUILD, we hear from the masterminds behind the report, OpenView’s own Kyle Poyar and Sean Fanning.
Top takeaways from the 2020 SaaS Metrics Report
02:12 MIN
The most popular PLG tactics
02:59 MIN
What's next in 2021
01:49 MIN
How to get back to hyper-growth mode
03:43 MIN
Is VC a seller's market?
01:56 MIN
What's the progress on diversity in tech?
01:52 MIN
What's the progress on diversity in tech?
01:52 MIN