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Pelin Kenez & Naman Khan (Zeplin): Design Delivery is Everything

This is a podcast episode titled, Pelin Kenez & Naman Khan (Zeplin): Design Delivery is Everything. The summary for this episode is: <p>Zeplin is an emerging powerhouse in the design ecosystem. There’s just one catch: you can’t design anything in Zeplin. Founder/CEO Pelin Kenez had the unique insight that designing beautiful components, screens, and interactions is only the first step of a long journey. The success of a product is heavily dependent on the delivery of the design, which is much harder than it seems.</p>
Zeplin's Origin Story
02:01 MIN
The Promise of Design
00:48 MIN
How Yogurt Explains Product Design
02:49 MIN
Is Zeplin a Design Tool?
01:27 MIN
What Design Delivery Looks Like In Real Life
03:13 MIN
The History of Design Delivery
03:14 MIN
Zeplin's Collaborative Approach
03:50 MIN
How Zeplin Addresses Design Delivery Challenges
01:54 MIN
Taking a Community-Driven Approach
01:47 MIN
The Power of Growth at Zeplin
02:10 MIN
How To Embrace a Community-Driven Model
01:40 MIN