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Paige Paquette (Calyx): Building a Developer Program

This is a podcast episode titled, Paige Paquette (Calyx): Building a Developer Program. The summary for this episode is: <p>Paige built and scaled platform and developer marketing at Slack. The success of the Slack App Store and the like showed her what works (and what doesn’t) with developer programs. She shares her playbook for attracting and engaging developers to build great stuff for your app store or marketplace. </p>
Where to start when building a developer ecosystem
01:00 MIN
Pain points to focus on
01:16 MIN
Deciding which developers to target
01:11 MIN
Building the developer marketing function at Slack
01:22 MIN
The role of enablement and support
01:54 MIN
How do you get developers to adopt it?
01:22 MIN
Picking the right metrics to measure
01:13 MIN
Developer Marketing vs. Developer Relations
00:58 MIN
Measuring impact
00:56 MIN