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Merline Saintil (Board Director): Cybersecurity In The Boardroom

This is a podcast episode titled, Merline Saintil (Board Director): Cybersecurity In The Boardroom. The summary for this episode is: <p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: transparent;">Merline Saintil has led teams at Intuit, Yahoo, PayPal, Adobe, Joyent, and Sun Microsystems. Now, she serves on the board of directors at a combination of five public and private companies – Alkami Technology, ShotSpotter, Inc., Banner Bank, Lightspeed HQ, GitLab, and most recently she was appointed to Evolv Technology’s Board of Directors. . She’s constantly thinking about how companies can address and be prepared for cybersecurity threats. Today, Merline shares these insights, her advice for first time managers, and what it means to send the figurative elevator back down.</span></p>
Being a software engineer at Sun Microsystems
01:59 MIN
Leading mobile and emerging products at Yahoo
01:37 MIN
Leading teams at Intuit
02:09 MIN
How to network for career development
01:00 MIN
Why you need to send the figurative elevator back down
00:45 MIN
Advice for first-time managers
01:30 MIN
Advice for landing your first board role
00:48 MIN
How security is addressed in boardrooms today
04:36 MIN
GitLab's 2021 priorities
02:03 MIN
How to advise companies going through hyper-growth phases
01:17 MIN
Merline's advice to her younger self
00:14 MIN
Taking risks and prioritizing time
00:43 MIN
Best advice Merline's received
01:39 MIN
Merline's female role models
01:20 MIN