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Notion’s Roadmap for Building a Winning Brand

This is a podcast episode titled, Notion’s Roadmap for Building a Winning Brand. The summary for this episode is: Camille Ricketts, Head of Marketing at Notion, is building a B2B brand that embodies honesty and humility. Learn why Camille is prioritizing cleverness over efficiency, her marketing strategy for the End User Era, and more.
Camille talks about the 3 pillars of Notion's marketing
01:06 MIN
Camille talks about the importance of cleverness more than efficiency
01:04 MIN
Notion's core DNA, product delight, and aha moments
00:26 MIN
The importance of B2B brand and the rise of the End User Era
01:03 MIN
What kind of content metrics should a company that's starting to build a brand think about?
00:51 MIN