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Yvonne Wassenaar (Puppet): The Unconventional Path To CEO

This is a podcast episode titled, Yvonne Wassenaar (Puppet): The Unconventional Path To CEO . The summary for this episode is: <p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">Puppet CEO, Yvonne Wassenaar, credits three fundamental attributes for becoming a CEO: curiosity, connection, and agility. Whether it’s her path from CIO to CEO, how Puppet has evolved its go-to-market strategy, or why it’s so important to have professional role models, Yvonne has a story for it and is sharing it today. And, don’t miss the advice she gives founders looking to use open source as part of their business.&nbsp;</span></p>
Anne's path to CEO
03:41 MIN
How software buying has changed since Yvonne was CIO
03:05 MIN
Commercial versus open-source investments
02:49 MIN
Puppet's go-to-market strategy
00:50 MIN
Using open source as part of your business
01:32 MIN
How to quantify your customer's experience
01:03 MIN
Why it's so important to align your personal and professional values
01:53 MIN
What the software industry can be doing to improve diversity and inclusion
02:30 MIN
Bringing more voices to the software industry
01:19 MIN
Advice for the next generation of enterprise software CEOs
01:37 MIN
How to build for the future, while living in the present
02:10 MIN
Driving the next 10 years of growth for SaaS businesses
01:42 MIN
The future of technology
01:22 MIN
Reinforcing your overarching purpose
00:55 MIN
Yvonne's female role model
00:28 MIN
Yvonne's first job
00:15 MIN
Yvonne's pick for actress who would play her
00:23 MIN
Yvonne's most important quality in a leader
00:10 MIN