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David Cancel (Drift): What I Learned in 2020

This is a podcast episode titled, David Cancel (Drift): What I Learned in 2020. The summary for this episode is: <p>David Cancel read 50 books in 2020, and he reveals his absolute favorites on this episode of BUILD. Tune in to hear which popular book influenced Drift’s approach to company culture, and which author is helping David plan for life after COVID-19. David Cancel is best known for being a serial founder and product visionary from his track record with Drift, HubSpot, and beyond.</p>
How many books did David Cancel read in 2020?
00:43 MIN
Returning to the love of reading
01:48 MIN
Favorite books of 2020
00:50 MIN
How to decide what to read next
01:04 MIN
How to be impactful with your time
01:13 MIN
The four key takeaways from Reed Hasting's No Rules Rules
02:18 MIN
Being selective with who you hire
04:30 MIN
What it means to remove controls
03:40 MIN
How to be radically candid
02:37 MIN
Unpacking Drift's company culture
03:35 MIN
What will work look like post COVID-19?
03:28 MIN
Scott Galloway's Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity
02:59 MIN