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Hubert Palan (Productboard): Going Beyond User Research

This is a podcast episode titled, Hubert Palan (Productboard): Going Beyond User Research. The summary for this episode is: <p>The key to customer centricity is empathy. But where does empathy come from? Actual knowledge of your customer, their pain and their goals. Everyone on your team shares responsibility in developing this knowledge. But most companies delegate this to user research, annual surveys or maybe the founder’s gut. It’s not enough.&nbsp;</p>
Why brilliant founders are overrated
03:17 MIN
Hubert's advice to actually be customer-centric
04:20 MIN
How to actually hear your customer and not just go through the motions
01:52 MIN
Redefining your roadmap
01:25 MIN
How customer-centricity translates to product market fit
02:23 MIN
Is it a product or is it a feature?
00:36 MIN
What's the impact of go-to-market fit
01:57 MIN