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Ed Sim (Boldstart): What Do VCs Look for in PLG Founders?

This is a podcast episode titled, Ed Sim (Boldstart): What Do VCs Look for in PLG Founders?. The summary for this episode is: <p>Ed is a really great VC. He backs founders from “Day 1” long before there’s a product. Even better, Ed happens to love PLG just as much as I do. We discuss the differences in backing PLG startups at different stages.</p>
What stands out to Ed and Blake about PLG companies
01:40 MIN
Day one partner investing
00:36 MIN
What Ed looks for in early stage founders
01:15 MIN
Questions PLG investors ask founders
01:43 MIN
Advice from Ed on getting product velocity
00:54 MIN
How Ed thinks about TAM
02:01 MIN
The future of PLG
00:57 MIN